simulacrum party

Hi (an introduction)

One of my resolutions for 2019 is to try to put myself and my work out there a little more and try to introduce myself to the wider community a little better, so as a result I'm starting a blog. I'll probably stick to talking about programming and related topics as those are the ideas I'm most comfortable having out there attached to my name. I've been reluctant to be too active on the internet for a number of reasons that mostly boil down to unreasonable anxiety, so I've decided to try to get over that.

So, hi! My name is Dylan and I go by a few different handles on the internet though I'm trying to stabilize on simulacrumparty. I'm 28, I'm from Minnesota but currently live in Connecticut, and I write a lot of programs. I get paid to work on Rails apps and React apps, which is a lot of fun. Outside of work, I'm always working on something or other and have a lot of half-finished projects to show for it. I'm interested in programming languages and I'm always tinkering with little parsers and compilers. I love the web, and apart from the above reasons, I wanted to start a blog just because publishing on the web is such a rush for me. It was a rush for me when I made my first website as a kid and it's still a rush for me now. I love learning new programming languages, though a lot of my projects end up being written in my comfort zone of Ruby and JavaScript, or, increasingly, TypeScript.

I also like art and music and books and those sorts of things, in a confident imitation of a well-rounded type of person. I play guitar and I have one of those little electronic drum sets for people who live in apartments but I wouldn't say I "play drums" per se, and I certainly wouldn't say it to a real drummer. I keep thinking I'm going to get around to writing fiction and it never really materializes, but I may post some little bits here and there if I come up with a nice couple of paragraphs.

A note for people who care about technical sorts of things: this website was created with a static site generator called Casaubon that I wrote in an attempt to learn Rust. I only sort of learned Rust but I did build a static site generator and it's powering a real website. Casaubon is still very much a work in progress - I'm adding features as I find myself wanting them - but I have a blog post mostly written to talk about its development and I will publish that before too long. The site is hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS and I build it locally and deploy with rsync. The code is open source and available on sourcehut and GitHub.

I've been working on a couple of projects that I'm going to write about and I have a few other posts in mind so this blog shouldn't die off too quickly, I don't think, but we'll see. I've already gotten farther than I usually do. Nice to meet you all, hope you're well.